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    Yee KeeMalaysiaSeptember 13, 2019


    Binob is the best . Im from Malaysia . Me and my friends success conquer ebc . Best experience ever with professional and friendly team. I would like to say thank you to my tour guide BINOB and his team. He always give professional advice when we had problems. I believe if it wasn’t for Binod and his team expertise we wouldn’t have made it to ebc. Million appreciate.

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    ShreyasAustraliaJune 26, 2019

    Everest Base Camp Trek

    We had the privileged of getting Eklal as our guide, and he was awesome! I literally couldn't recommend him enough. A friend and I decided to do this trek together, without having done anything higher than 14,000 ft before, and Eklal was a great reference for what we should be expecting, and solving problems that we came across. He's not a doctor, but he had a a great understanding of what happens to the body as you're ascending. I wanted to do the trip without taking Diamox, so I had to be a bit more careful than the average patron, and his 19 YEARS of experience doing this sort of thing was vital to my friend and I getting to base camp and back.

    High-altitude trekking took a wear on my mental state, and traveling in a small group you would think after a couple day's the conversation would get stale after 10 or so days. Not with Eklal, he always found a way to make the conversation interesting and he's very articulate. He gave a lot of insight into Nepali life, and I'm sad I only had a month to explore. I can't wait to make a trip back!

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    Virat PatelIndiaJune 25, 2019

    Everest Base Camp

    We had a wonderful and one of most memorable experiences doing the trek. Undoubtedly the landscape was fantastic, but equally fantastic were our guide and porter - Eklal and Santosh. Some people try to attempt the trek on their own, but having a guide like Eklal makes world of difference. Not only he made all the arrangements as best could be made in these parts of the world, but he is a terrific companion to have on the trek. He is extremely friendly and easy going but being so he never misses his professionalism and his responsibility. During the trek, he adjusted to our likings and pace. It is safe to say that I wouldn’t have personally made it to the end without his support.
    Our relationship with Eklal didn’t end with the trek, we had plans to visit other parts of Nepal and he was very prompt and a great help to make all the travel arrangements. He called before every departure, during every stay with everything was all right and made himself readily available if needed. The service and professionalism was nothing short of 5 stars. Highly recommend anyone wanting to trek in Nepal to give Eklal and Nepal Pioneer Treks a shot.

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    Marissa PMalaysiaMarch 19, 2019

    Gohrepani Poonhill Trail

    I did not have time to have any expectations for this trip, but if I did have expectations, they were well exceeded. Our guide Eaklal was fantastic. He sorted everything out, we did not have to worry about anything. He was super patient. Our trek was relaxing, or as relaxing as trekking to over 3000m can be! We were lucky to get snow, so we trekked in all four seasons, which was amazing. If your guide tells you there is a chance of snow, my advice is to either have really good hiking shoes, or bring crampons. And pack a small water bottle for when you go to bed.

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    CSYO7AustraliaMarch 16, 2019

    Poon Hill Trek - Safe and Comfortable

    Mar 2019 • Friends

    The key highlight of our 10 day trip with Eaklal (our guide) and Bishnu (our porter) was that I always felt safe and trusted their guidance and judgement. I didn't feel the need to question their decisions which made this trip enjoyable and comfortable (despite being an absolute newbie when it came to trekking). I struggled at certain points and Eaklal always made sure to check in with me and ask if I was ok. We had some good conversations however he was always conscious of not imposing at the end of every day and gave us the space and quiet time we needed.

    Going to a foreign country, with no prior trekking experience, I would say Eaklal and Bishnu made the difference. I would definitely recommend going with them for any trip in Nepal!

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    katsudawnSingaporeJanuary 21, 2019

    Trustworthy and Flexible

    Nov 2018 • Friends

    Eaklal was our guide this trip and he made our 10 days there fuss-free and worthwhile. He provided us with options daily and where we wanted to go and made sure we were well-fed throughout the trip. I personally liked that he made the effort to get to know us better. I enjoyed our conversations very much and will definitely go back to Nepal Pioneer Treks and Expedition when I'm back in Nepal.

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    Char LSingaporeDecember 14, 2018

    Fantastic experience!

    Nov 2018 • Friends

    It was a fantastic experience! Our guide Eaklal took care of us really well and he made the arduous treks manageable. He is really experienced and he knows the trekking conditions well. Choose Nepal Pioneer if you want someone reliable.

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    Bradley WUnited StatesDecember 14, 2018

    Even an inexperienced trekker was able to complete the Annapurna Circuit with Nepal Pioneer Treks and Expedition

    Oct 2018 • Friends

    As I look back now, 2 months following our 3 week trek of the Annapurna Circuit, the experience puts a smile on my face and a feeling of the true sense of accomplishment that we had. I had some reluctance going in since I was a novice trekker, but 2 things stood out in making my decision to "take the plunge" and head to Nepal:
    (1) I was going with trusted friends
    (2) Two of these friends in our group were making a return trip to Nepal and utilizing the same guide (Binod) whom they used on their first trek of Nepal and to Mt. Everest Base Camp. I can see why they chose Binod (co-owner of Pioneer Trekking) to lead us through the Annapurna Circuit. Binod not only showed us the way , but he educated those of us that were not experienced trekkers on how to safely complete the trek. He also allowed us to enjoy the beauty of Nepal and the beauty of the Nepalese people along the way.

    Every morning, I looked forward to lacing up my trekking boots, grabbing my trekking poles and heading out. I won't lie: I also looked forward (in the early afternoon, or sometimes late afternoon) to walking into our destination village for the evening , taking off those boots , and sipping on a cold beer before dinner. What a feeling of accomplishment on a daily basis! Can't say enough about Binod, our guide, and his team of porters who assisted us throughout the trip. We appreciated their knowledge and enjoyed their company. Would highly recommend them to anyone considering a trek through Nepal.