Payments Details

Booking and Confirmation Policy

Payment in advance (deposit) constitutes acceptance and confirmation of booking, the agent will send you the application letter requesting the value of 25% of the total cost as advance payment. Upon receiving bank guarantee of payment the booking becomes valid and the agent will send you the stamped confirmation of booking in return.

Cancellation Policy

Booking can be cancelled Free of charge within 24 hours or by the end of the next day from the date of booking. In case of late cancellation the agent will deduct 10% out of received deposit as late cancellation charge and bank fees while refunding deposit shall be deducted from receiving account.

Mode of Payment

For your convenience, we accept all major card, credit or debit Visa card, Master card, American Express and JCB. For processing credit card payment bank levy fee 4% of total amount will be charged. Importance of security for personal identification information associated with our customer is utmost concern to us, therefore as a protection of a personal information we only accept exchange of your personal information over the phone and not via email. In rare cases, bank will required payment verification from paying party, in such case agent will provide Acceptance of Payment Application Form and upon receiving the form from paying party the fund will be held by the payee bank, which shall effect the payee account balance.

Banking Detail

Beneficiary (Account Holders):-  Nepal Pioneer Treks and Expedition P. Ltd
A/C No:-  01906714000015
Bank Name:- Himalayan Bank Ltd
Swift code:- HIMANPKA
Bank Address:- KSK buildingTridevi Marg Thamel Kathmandu
Post Code:- 44600
Zip Code:- 00977